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Fire highlights landlord responsibilities

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The recent arson attack in a block of flats in Chester has focused attention on the legal responsibilities of landlords, and their duty to provide safe accommodation for tenants. Thankfully, no-one was injured in the Chester incident, but it could have turned into a very serious disaster.
Anyone who has been injured because of landlord negligence should speak to a legal specialist as soon as possible. Whether it was due to a security issue, a safety breach or anything else, if negligence can be proved, the victim, or victims, could be entitled to a compensation award.
As well as compensating for lost income, there could also be many expensive treatments to worry about, so it really is imperative that the victim seeks the maximum possible compensation figure.
It is also important to bring negligent landlords to justice so they are made responsible for their lack of adherence to the law and to make sure there is no repeat incident.
Stephensons’ personal injury solicitors have specific experience in pursuing cases for landlord negligence. Give us a call on 01616 966 229 as soon as possible. We can offer a no obligation discussion, so pick up the phone today.
By personal injury solicitor, Kate Sweeney