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Multi million pound payout for marine after ten year battle with MoD

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Cases brought against the Ministry of Defence (MoD) by military personnel injured in the line of duty can often be drawn out, none more so it seems than the case involving former marine Steward Daglish, which went on for a whole decade.
Mr Daglish, now 39, was returning from a training session in Scotland in 1994 when the Landrover he was travelling in hit a cliff and turned over, resulting in a brain injury.
The injury led to Mr Daglish suffering psychotic illness which his lawyers claimed was part of an ‘organic personality disorder’ triggered by the brain damage caused by the crash. The marine, who served in Northern Ireland and the first Gulf War, was left on the brink of suicide and in need of constant care by his father and wife.
Whilst the MoD accepted liability for the accident, they refused to acknowledge that it was the cause of Mr Daglish’s mental illness.
However, after a legal battle that spanned over a decade, a High Court Judge gave final approval for the settlement of the case in February this year. The final sum Mr Daglish will receive remains confidential but it is thought to be worth several million pounds.
An MOD spokesman said: “The Ministry of Defence will pay compensation when it is found to have a legal liability to do so.”
The complexities of MoD claims call for true specialists
Pursuing a claim against the MoD is known to be a complex task and calls for the highest possible level of legal expertise and specific experience in military injury claims. In the case of Steward Daglish, his lawyers fought tenaciously, over a very long period, to ensure the outcome was that which was deserved by their client.
If you are considering pursuing a claim against the MoD, Stephensons have the specialists with the expertise you’ll need to get the right results. Talk to us today in complete confidence; call 01616 966 229 and speak directly to an expert in the field of MoD claims.
By personal injury solicitor, Kate Sweeney