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Injured on an icy pavement? Seek the compensation you deserve

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Icy ground can be exceedingly dangerous, and it’s a fact that a significant number of people are injured every year on slippery pavements.


During 2008-2009, more than 7,500 individuals were admitted to hospital due to trips, slips and falls on the ice and snow according to the NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre.


Local authorities obliged to provide safe roads and pavements


Local authorities are legally obliged to take reasonable, practical steps to provide safe usage of roads and pavements, and where this doesn’t happen, legal proceedings can be commenced. Employers are also liable for maintaining their grounds as safe for employees to come and go from their workplace, as are privately owned organisations, such as shops and supermarkets, whose grounds must be made safe for customers.


Some of the worst falls on icy ground can result in injuries such as broken ankles, legs, wrists, elbows and back injuries.


Financial help is vital in such cases because the cost of medical assistance and recuperative care can be substantial. Added to the cost of recovery, many people have to contend with a major loss of earnings, which can be prolonged for those who have suffered a particularly serious injury.


Bringing a claim as soon as possible is therefore crucial, especially as the longer it is left, the more difficult it becomes to record evidence that due care in clearing ice and snow has not been exercised.


Stephensons' personal injury solicitors advise on accidents involving icy pavements and roads at this time of the year, and are dedicated to achieving the highest possible financial awards. If you feel you have a claim, give our experts a call today on 01616 966 229.


By personal injury Partner, Kate Sweeney