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How can a personal injury affect my life?

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How can a personal injury affect my life?

It is not always something we want to think about, but the likelihood is that if we have been involved in some sort of accident, whether it be a fall due to a slip or trip, a road traffic accident in a car, on a motorbike or bicycle, or a life changing event, we will suffer some sort of physical or mental injury or as is often the case, both.

Listed below are some of the injuries you may suffer if you are unfortunate enough to have an accident that wasn’t your fault, that we can help with:

Neck injuries

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, it is more likely than not that you may suffer a neck injury. This is often caused as a result of the movement of your body against the restraint of the seatbelt, on impact with another vehicle. Neck injuries are usually moderate in nature and will require some sort of anti-inflammatory and pain medication. However, they do have a tendency to linger for months on end, causing our client’s considerable pain, discomfort and immobility.

Amputation injuries

In more serious accidents, a client may require amputation of a limb due to the injuries sustained. This may be for example a crush injury at work, or as the result of a serious dog bite. In the event that an amputation is required, the claimant will require substantial care and assistance, numerous examinations with medical professionals and possible adaptations to their home, until they are in a position to adapt to everyday life. This is not a quick process, often years, and so Stephensons will assure that we are there for our client whenever they need us.

Injuries involving broken bones

Dependent on the nature of the fracture, a broken bone can heal relatively quickly, or take years to mend. In cases where clients have sustained fractures in multiple places, this may require surgical intervention. This in turn may require the client to make use of aids and facilities in the form of crutches, walking frames or wheelchairs, until they are in a position to return as best as possible to their life as it was prior to the incident.

Injuries as a result of an assault

It is not often considered that an assault injury would be classed as a ‘personal injury.’ However, if you have been a victim of an assault, you may suffer a wide range of injuries including head injuries, fractures, serious wounds or even brain injuries. These type of injuries can often involve scarring which can remain permanent and disfiguring, causing psychological injuries as well as physical.

Whatever the injury, rest assured that our expert personal injury solicitors can help you to get any compensation that may be due to you to help you to manage your injures and move forward with your life. 

By Helen Livesey, graduate paralegal in the personal injury department