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Housing association tenants and accident claims

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It was reported late last month that a postman who was left completely paralysed after an incident in his garden has been awarded £2.5 million in compensation in London’s High Court.

The 38 year old suffered catastrophic fractures to his skull when a branch fell from a tree in his garden and struck him down. The payout took into consideration the heavy costs of his care, which his family were adamant should be given in his own home. Suing through his father, Mr Thatcher cited his landlords, Sovereign Housing Association, as negligent, because they were responsible for the safe maintenance of the tree from which the branch fell and had failed to carry out sufficient inspections.

Housing associations have strict responsibilities to provide a safe and healthy living space, free from risks that may cause injury.

Sadly, as in the case of Sovereign, some housing associations fall down in their duties to their tenants. Injuries, illnesses or even death can result when there is a failure to service and maintain electrical or gas appliances, for example. Neglecting responsibilities to maintain the safety of fittings, such as windows, blinds, stairways, balconies or guard rails, can also lead to accidents.

Housing associations also have a responsibility to conduct fire safety risk assessments.

The family of the north east man who died because of the failure of his housing association to ensure his safety in their accommodation could put forward a claim, and with the help of specialist lawyers, they could recover a settlement that will go towards compensating them for their loss.

Making an injury claim against a housing association

Claims against housing associations call for highly specialist legal representation. These organisations are notorious for their tenacious approach to defending claims and so it is important to be able to face them on an equal footing with expert lawyers who have specific experience in winning cases for housing association tenants.

If you or a relative has suffered an accident or illness due to the negligence of a housing association landlord, there are specialists at Stephensons who can help. We have specific experience and expertise in this area and a proven track record in reaching favourable settlements that see our clients properly compensated for their suffering. For confidential advice, call us on 0161 696 6235.