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Hit and run off-road bike leaves 3 year old girl with serious head injuries

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Every now and then I come across off-road motorcycles being ridden along the road where I live.

The individuals riding these off-road bikes seem to care very little for their own safety, let alone others around them.

I have seen several riding without proper safety helmets and protective clothing which, coupled with intimidating and a frankly reckless manner in which they operate their bikes, makes them a very dangerous hazard to other road users and pedestrians.  Not to mention a noise nuisance for surrounding homes and properties.

It is with no little surprise that I read this afternoon that a 3 year old girl was run over by one of three off-road motorcycles.  The girl, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire suffered serious head injuries when the motorbike hit her and failed to stop.  This being one of the many reasons these off-road bikes are off-road!

It is upsetting to hear that a child so young has been involved in such an incident but it is beyond belief that these callous individuals would then leave the scene of the accident.  The little girl had to then be airlifted to Sheffield Children’s hospital after the collision on Ridgeway, Easter Herringthorpe.

The police have asked that any witnesses come forward.  Inspector Geoff Young said “This is a very serious incident when a very young girl was struck by a motorcycle and left for dead in the middle of the road”

For anyone out there about to start up their off-road bikes, give it a second thought and think about someone other than yourself.

By Steven Jones