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Graduated driving licences could reduce deaths

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I was reading a BBC article in which it was suggested that learner drivers in the UK should face a graduated system of licences to help reduce road deaths, according to a study by the RAC Foundation.

The study suggests that hundreds of lives a year could be saved if such a system were adopted. Other countries already have graduated learning for drivers. The RAC Foundation said these countries had seen a significant reduction in the number of young people being killed in accidents.

The report says that the first 1,000 miles of driving may be the most important for cutting the risk of an accident. Drivers could also face a stricter drink-drive limit, under the proposals. It recommends a three-stage, graduated system. New drivers would face restrictions for four years which would include a minimum of a one-year driving period before the test is taken; experience of a wide range of driving conditions; limits to passengers; limits to night driving; a two-year probationary period.

The Foundation would also like to see a stricter drink-drive limit.

While a graduated system may irritate those younger drivers who believe that they are safe / sensible drivers in any event, based on the statistics set out above this scheme seems to encourage safety on our roads which can only be a good thing.

With the large insurance premiums often attached to younger drivers, should these measures reduce premiums then I believe that this would also be a positive outcome.

By Barry Sutton, from the personal injury team