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Food Standards Agency backs calls for allergy details to be mandatory on menus

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Calorie labelling rules - does my business need to comply?

This is a welcome change that will provide greater transparency about which ingredients are used when ordering food in restaurants and coffee shops. It will show that these premises have taken all reasonable precautions to avoid any customer suffering an allergic reaction.  

Whilst this has been mandated, the timescale of when this is to be implemented has not yet been confirmed, furthermore there is likely to be a transition period for menus to be updated and/or for further training to be implemented, therefore it is more important to be still be alert when ordering food.

If a customer still suffers from an allergic reaction despite the allergy details being recorded on the food menu, it is important to establish exactly what caused the reaction to see if the establishment has been negligent in the service they have provided.

Open transparency is also required for other food establishments for instance in fast food industry to limit any allergic reactions.

If you or a loved one have suffered from an allergic reaction which was caused by somebody else’s negligence you may be eligible to make a claim for personal injury compensation. 

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