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Fatal accidents and injuries at work

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Fines of £2 million for firms involved in death of worker

Figures published by the Health & Safety Executive show that during the period of 2019/20, a total of 111 workers were killed in the main industries, 40 of them being in construction.

Fatal injuries can occur in many different types of workplace accident or circumstances such as:

A claim for compensation following a fatal injury at work can be made on behalf of the deceased’s estate and any dependants. A claim would usually be made with the help of a lawyer and is conducted by the person authorised to make a claim on behalf of the deceased’s estate. This would generally be a close family member. They will need a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration but this can be obtained as part of the claim as it progresses.

There are usually three elements of compensation you can claim for following a fatal injury:

  • A bereavement award – this is a fixed amount set by statute and is currently £15,120.
  • Dependency – if the deceased was relied on for financial support or service then you can make a dependency claim.
  • Funeral expenses – the funeral costs can be claimed. 

There may also be an element of damages for any pain or suffering endured by the deceased person as a result of their injury, prior to their death. These damages form part of the deceased’s estate. 

When a loved one dies, the effects are devastating and far reaching, emotionally, psychologically and possibly financially. We have supported many families through these difficult and emotional cases and have experts in the team who understand what is needed to be there for the deceased's loved ones and to ensure the maximum compensation is obtained.

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By Melanie Shaw, personal injury team