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Falling streetlight strikes child

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Last year, a one-year old child was injured when part of a streetlight was dropped onto her pram from above, striking her head.

The incident, which happened in Hackney, east London, was recently the subject of a prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Taahyra Kasham was being pushed in her pram by Rajna, her mother, when a reflector dropped from the light above and struck her head, causing her to need stitches. No temporary barriers had been placed around the light to warn the mother of the danger.

Street light operative, Joseph Parker from Essex, had been instructed by his employer to investigate a faulty street light. But he failed to place temporary barriers to prevent pedestrians from walking into the hazardous work area before he began dismantling the light.

The HSE Inspector leading the prosecution, Zameer Bhunnoo, said: "This was a serious incident that needlessly injured a small child and caused her mother understandable distress.”

Mr Parker’s employers were not found to be at fault because they had provided him with adequate safety training. The worker was fined £2,250 plus costs of just under £3,000.

Rajna Kasham will be within her rights to pursue Mr Parker for compensation for her child’s injuries and the suffering caused.

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By personal injury solicitor and Stephensons’ Partner, Kate Sweeney