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2 year old dies after falling from moving car

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My heart sunk today as I read an article about a 2 year old boy who has very sadly died in a horrible and tragic accident.  This devastating incident happened after the youngster, Levi Brailsford from Bristol, unclipped himself from his car seat, and opened the door of the moving vehicle his grandmother was driving at the time.

This has caused him to sustain serious head injuries, which in his case were fatal. Such a young life, lost to a safety feature - child safety locks - that his parents are now campaigning to have made as a compulsory measure, rather than an optional one.

It has become only too apparent that the importance of child locks in a vehicle are paramount. This case shows that we should always be vigilant with young, and in fact any passengers.

Is it the responsibility of the driver? Or should this safety feature be installed in every vehicle to prevent such awful instances such as this? I can't even imagine the pain and distress that his parents, and indeed all his family will be going through.

I hope this story opens everyone's eyes to the dangers, and indeed the precautions that need to be at the forefront of every driver's mind in any journey, no matter how long or short the distance.

My thoughts are with the family of little Levi at this terrible time.

By road traffic accident specialist, Jessica Brookes