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E-scooter accidents on the increase

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E-scooters on trial

As it stands, there is no legal requirement for people hiring e-scooters, in the towns and cities trialling them, to wear a helmet. When you consider that these trial locations include 10 boroughs in London and other busy towns and cities across the country, it is a recipe for disaster.

The only prerequisite to hiring an e-scooter in London is to have a valid driving licence, and it is also recommended that an online training course is completed but that isn’t always mandatory. That simply isn’t enough, particularly when the vast majority of people using an e-scooter have no experience of using them previously.

The latest Department for Transport figures underline the significant safety concerns that e-scooters present and it will be interesting to see whether they become a permanent fixture in our urban areas. If they do, then the safety of their users and pedestrians alike must take precedence as, although there are environmental benefits to e-scooters, there are also clear risks of injury and even death, so the government needs to take responsibility for ensuring that all road users are aware of these risks.

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