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Victim seeks police dog bite compensation

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An elderly gardener unnecessarily attacked by a police dog while tending to his allotment has filed a six-figure claim for compensation against the police.
Greater London resident and pensioner Brian Kiddell was standing in his allotment when a police German Shepherd, involved in a chase across the area, bounded up to him and sank its teeth into his ankle.
The Metropolitan Police Force have already offered Mr Kiddell two compensation packages for the moment, described my Mr Kiddell as "one of the most frightening" of his life.
The first offer of £2,100 was doubled a few weeks later to £4,200, but the pensioner described both as ‘inadequate’ and feels that £10,000 is more realistic for the ‘pain, suffering and shock’ he has suffered since the incident.
Over the last three years a total of £770,000 has been paid out by police forces across the country, to people bitten by police dogs. The Metropolitan Police paid a total of £95,000 in dog bite compensation and Mr Kiddell's claim looks likely to succeed given the unprovoked nature of his injuries.
If you've suffered similar injuries, or like Mr Kiddell by unfairly targeted by the police, dog or otherwise, contact our solicitors today and see what compensation may be available.
Incidents of innocent people being bitten by dogs is an all too common occurrence, and it isn't always possible to bring a successful claim, for a variety of reasons. We do have specialist expertise in cases of this nature and are happy to review any enquiries about dog biting injuries.
By personal injury solicitor, Kate Sweeney