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First "crash for cash" resulting in tragic loss of life

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On 11th June 2011, four men were involved in a gang who staged an accident intending to enable them to cause compensation worth a total of approximately £20,000. Sadly, this staged accident went horribly wrong when an innocent victim ended up being fatally injured.

Baljinder Gill died when her car, which had been hit by one of the vehicles used by the gang to stage the scam was hit again by another van as her car sat stationary in the fast lane of the A40 in Buckinghamshire.

The crash for cash gang received sentences for the attempted fraud in which two cars were to cause a collision with an innocent van in order to make personal injury claims. The van driver however managed to stop before hitting the gang members car but Baljinder Gill did not stop in time and hit the rear of the van. This collision then lead to a second collision when another van hit the rear of Miss Gill’s car. At the time of that impact, Miss Gill was reaching into the back of her car to get some personal items. Miss Gill tragically did as a result of her injuries.

This crash for cash scam is the first reported scam to have resulted in a fatality of an innocent victim.

Two gang members received prison sentences of ten years and three months, another was sentenced to ten years. One other gang member who was not present at the crashes was to receive just £300 to help pay off his debts – he received a 12 month prison term.

Unfortunately the fact that a staged accident has resulted in a fatality will not deter would be scammers from staging further accidents in the future. Parties involved in this type of activity, should when found guilty receive significant prison terms to try to deter others from taking part in staged accidents, which sadly can go very wrong, as this horrific incident has proven, with the loss of an innocent victims life who at 34 years of age had all to live for.

By Rebecca Dawber