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What constitutes a personal injury claim?

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When it comes to personal injury claims, as legal practitioners, we are fully aware of the range of injuries and events which could result in a claim for compensation.

But, with such an abundance of television adverts promoting claims following 'a slip or trip at work or on the street' for example, and of course, a 'road traffic accident' , many people would be forgiven for believing that these are the only forms of personal injury that exists.

Not so. While they are common, there are quite a number of accidents and incidents that people don't believe could be claimed for, when in fact this is not usually the case. The only way to find out is to enquire about it. We have a team who have experience in dealing with all kinds of personal injuries, over many years.

For example, if your child was playing in a park or play area, and suffered a head injury, broken bone, or simply cuts and bruises - parents may put this down to the typical ailments of childhood. However, a closer look at the circumstances may reveal there was insufficient flooring or grassy areas, equipment may have been rusty and exposed, or grids not properly maintained. Parents who are concerned about the safety of their play areas should contact their local authority.

If you went to the salon for a pamper day and ended up with itchiness, lumps, or swelling, some may put this down to a personal reaction. But, all products should firstly be properly tested on a customer using what is known as 'the skin test'. This involves testing a small part of the skin before an appointment to check the sensitivity of a person's skin and that there is no reaction caused. Salons and other such establishments failing to do this could be sued for negligence if serious injuries occur.

How about slipping over a bottle in a nightclub after one too many drinks, would you blame yourself for that? Essentially it's the staff members of the club that should ensure that health and safety is adhered to at all times. For example, removing bottles and glasses from the floor and attending to spillages straight away. Failing to do this could mean that the premises is liable for your injury, no matter how minor .

Unfortunately, sometimes these types of typical daily activities can incur injuries, and if they weren't your fault, you may be able to bring a claim. We have an excellent reputation for claiming compensation in a variety of cases, at no cost to the client. Contact us if you think you may have a claim: 01616 966 229.

By personal injury specialist, Jessica Brookes