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Insurance chief refers to compensation culture

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I read in the Telegraph that the CEO at insurance company Axa has suggested that there has been an uplift in claims in what he describes as new injury battlegrounds such as 'stress' related injury as a result of a road accident or 'deafness' related injury from the workplace.

Paul Evans of Axa warned that the UK could mirror the United States, with very high insurance premiums and companies or social groups too worried to stage events where someone could fall over and sue them.

Mr Evans was speaking after a report by MPs on the Transport Select Committee this week said a greater amount of proof should be obtained from anyone submitting whiplash claims following a road accident.

I understand that the report was critical of the insurance industry for making settlement proposals to Claimants in whiplash type cases without being provided medical proof of any injury.

Referring to deafness claims, Axa does accept that many claims are genuine though.

Whilst Mr Evans comments could potentially antagonise those people who have suffered injury through the negligence of another party, I would suggest that insurers should agree that an independent medical examiner is to be engaged in each case to provide court compliant evidence to prove a claimant’s injury as reasonably valid before making offers of settlement in a case.

By Barry Sutton, personal injury department