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Cliffs - A cruel killer

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Within the space of a week, I have heard news of two young people losing their lives to one of mother natures dangerous but beautiful creations, cliffs.

Cadgwith Cove in Cornwall is a popular tourist location for avid hikers and also for its picturesque views from the cliff's edge.

On Sunday 22nd July, the location sadly claimed the life of a 16-year-old student from Lowton, Toby Hart, who was enjoying a holiday with his family and a friend.

It would appear that the young boy had slipped and had fallen over 40 feet below. He was given immediate first aid by other holiday makers until he was airlifted to Truro’s Royal Cornwall Hospital.

Toby sadly passed away later that night with his family by his side. I can't help but feel absolute sadness at hearing about this story; as such a young and promising life has been taken far, far too soon.  This devastating news has come as a complete shock to all who knew him.

No less than two days after this incident, it would appear that tragedy has struck again. A  22-year-old woman,  Charlotte Blackman from Derbyshire, has also suffered the same fate. On Tuesday 24th July, a cliff edge collapsed in Dorset, and caused a massive landslide onto the beach below. It is believed that Charlotte was trapped with her boyfriend and his father after the initial slide struck.

Her boyfriend and his father were pulled out just minutes before the second, more intense landside hit. This completely buried Charlotte below before she had chance to be rescued, and was buried beneath the 400 tonnes of mud and rock that had fallen.

Some of these situations could be avoided by using the correct equipment, footwear and clothing, and always putting safety first. There are warning signs erected to advise the public of the dangers and risks when venturing near these types of locations. Unfortunately, sometimes these occurrences cannot be avoided; however it should remind us all, to always be vigilant and remember that we cannot stop natural disasters, no matter how big or small.

My deepest condolences go out to both families at this sad and difficult time. 

By personal injury expert, Jessica Brookes