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Claiming for hand arm vibration injuries

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The importance of power tools in modern industry cannot be underestimated, but their usage can lead to major problems for people who have worked with them. Prolonged use can lead to a number of issues, many of which are permanent and life changing.
Hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) is common in people who have worked with power drills, jackhammers, grinders, chipping hammers, chainsaws and a host of other tools. Users regularly report early symptoms such as tingling fingers and a loss of strength in their hands.
Employers must protect against hand arm vibration syndrome
Employers have a legal obligation to ensure their employees are protected against such problems, and there are stringent laws in place which protect workers against HAVS. These include the provision of regular breaks from holding power tools, as well as providing adequate protective clothing.
The recent case involving a Cheshire worker who had regularly used pneumatic drills at work highlights the potential injuries that can occur. He is now in severe pain, which worsens dramatically in cold weather, and he even has problems picking up small objects such as coins.
If you have suffered vibration related injuries caused by prolonged exposure to power tools, you could be entitled to financial compensation to cover the changes that have occurred to your life, both work and leisure wise, and any ongoing care or extra assistance you may require.
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By personal injury solicitor, Kate Sweeney