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100-car pile up in Kent

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Last week, witnesses described the New Sheppey Crossing Bridge in Kent as complete mayhem. 

A thick fog had formed and visibility over the bridge had become diminished to such an extent that vehicles suddenly began to crash into one and other. Some reports say that the crash went on for 10 minutes. A witness to the pile-up said that "all you could hear was screeching of car tyres and the thudding, which was endless".

When the fog lifted it was reported that a shocking 100 vehicles were involved in the crash, including cars, lorries and even a car-transporter.

Fortunately, no lives were lost in this crash and police at the scene said that it was "truly miraculous" and "very fortunate". Up to 30 medical response vehicles were reported at the scene treating around 8 people for serious injuries and around 60 people for minor injuries. Lives were thought to have been saved by a quick-thinking lorry driver who used his lorry to block the entrance to the bridge preventing more cars from piling into the crash.

AA President Edmund King gave a strict warning to motorists not to tailgate, pointing out that that 'such actions are now covered by new careless driving legislation and offenders could face a fixed penalty notice'.

By Kayleigh Massey, personal injury, graduate paralegal