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Can I claim for compensation if my holiday is ruined by an accident?

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Sun Awareness 2018 - 14th-20th May

What can you do if the most anticipated and enjoyable two weeks out of the year are ruined by an accident that results in a personal injury? Holiday injuries are all too regular, with many sun-seekers having to cut their trips short due to slips by the pool or trips in the hotel.

What types of injury are most common?

There are many circumstances that our solicitors have dealt with in relation to holiday accidents, from the simple slips and trips to the more complex balcony falls and pool incidents. Holiday-goers coming to harm taking part in activities, such as jet skiing and scuba diving are becoming increasingly more common. These activities are very popular with Brits abroad, especially with families, therefore ensuring health and safety measures are in place is vital. Reviewing safety equipment and providing proper training to those taking part is paramount and injuries can occur at the fault of the activity provider when these safety requirements are not properly enforced.

What should I do if I suffer an injury abroad?

If you, or someone you know, incurs one of these accidents abroad, here are some steps to follow in order to ease the process in bringing a claim:

  1. Following any injury, it is important that your priority is with your own health. Therefore seeking medical attention after a holiday accident should always be your first port of call. Hotel complexes usually have an on site doctor, and beaches will be patrolled by lifeguards, so seek medical help when necessary.
  2. The next step would be to report the incident to the holiday provider, service provider or hotel at which the accident occurred. If an injury has taken place on an excursion you have booked through a travel operator or agency, report it to this agency as well as the excursion providers themselves so that they are aware of the accident and can prevent others from harming themselves in the same way.
  3. It is important to keep detailed records of the happenings following the incident. Noting any witnesses that were present at the time, taking photographs of the scene and writing a diary of events whilst the details are still fresh in your mind. Hospital and medical appointments should also be noted, and any medical records from foreign hospitals kept for later consideration.
  4. Finally, on returning home, seek free no obligation guidance on your options from our personal injury specialists at Stephensons on 01616 966 229 and provide all of the information you have collected regarding the circumstances of your injuries. They will then advise you on your legal position and your likelihood of success with a claim for your holiday injury.

By Holly McIndoe, graduate paralegal in the personal injury department