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Bus and coach accidents could lead to multiple compensation claims

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The harrowing story of how a drunken coach driver from Cheadle took a bus-load of shoppers on a terrifying journey recently hit the headlines, and brought home the importance of the responsibilities of drivers and companies involved in passenger transport.
The journey in question saw 37 passengers travel from Bolton to York on a Christmas shopping trip. The roads were already dangerous due to ice, and the driver’s erratic performance caused great alarm among the passengers, some of whom were children.
Injuries could have led to compensation claims
Thankfully, no-one was hurt on this occasion, but if injuries had been sustained, there would have been a very strong case for compensation. If the coach had suffered a major collision there could have been broken bones, serious head injuries and even fatalities among the passengers. The prospect of what could have happened really doesn’t bear thinking about.
In such road traffic accidents, injured passengers need to seek the highest possible compensation award. Those that are hurt may be suffering from a sudden loss of earnings which is putting immediate pressure on the family finances, and of course there may be many months of expensive medical treatment ahead.
Bus incident injury awards
In 2009, a woman passenger was awarded £4,000 for injuries sustained when a bus driver pulled away too quickly while the woman was attempting to get to her seat. A year later, a disabled passenger was awarded £10,000 after injuring his head in a similar incident aboard a London bus.
These incidents prove that injured passengers should contact personal injury solicitors if they feel they have a case. The experts at Stephensons always seek the maximum possible compensation award on behalf of their clients. If you feel you have a case, give us a call today on 01616 966 229 and we’ll discuss your case in confidence. We can also mount multiple claims on behalf of injured groups and are happy to make home or hospital visits in cases where clients are unable to attend our offices.
By personal injury solicitor, Kate Sweeney