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The heat is on: accidental burns in the workplace

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Enviro-Strip (UK) Ltd was recently fined £20,000 plus £6,491 in costs over an accident in which a worker was burned on the face, neck and arms when he opened an industrial oven and steam issued at 400ºC.
Accidents at work involving burns are common, especially within the industrial sector. Employer negligence is sadly to blame on many occasions for the often long lasting physical and psychological scarring caused by burns.
Nestle Purina fined after men burned
Nestle Purina, the pet care industry giant, was fined £50,000 after a steam pressure system malfunctioned and five of its workers experienced severe burns to their faces, arms and hands. One of the men required cosmetic surgery.
Employees exposed to dangers or negligence in their working environment that result in burns or scalds are within their rights to claim compensation from their employers.
Compensation levels for burns range from £1,125 for trivial scarring to £64,000 for very severe scarring and amounts vary between males and females. The physical, emotional and psychological effects of the experience and the scarring, and the need for cosmetic surgery, are taken into account when calculating the claim amount.
If you have suffered burns due to an accident in your workplace, the specialists at Stephensons can help. Our experience in achieving the maximum compensation for employees who have suffered burn injuries at work is vast. Talk to us today; our experts are available to speak confidentially on 01616 966 229.
By personal injury solicitor, Kate Sweeney