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Broken bones and accident compensation: how awards vary

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Broken bones are a common result of many accidents. Some are naturally more serious than others and it’s generally broken limbs that have the most debilitating consequences.

Some broken bone injuries are temporary and whilst they cause pain and loss of amenity or mobility, and inconvenience, this is generally limited to a few weeks or sometimes months. Other broken bones, however, can have far more serious consequences and can leave a lasting legacy such as arthritis, or even the need for cosmetic or joint replacement surgery in the future.

Where broken bones have been caused by an accident that warrants compensation, payouts vary widely depending on the long term prognosis and how long the injured person was, or is expected to be, out of action. If the victim was traditionally very active and enjoyed, for example, taking part in sports activities and is no longer able to do so because of their injuries, this will add to the award amount. The occupation of the victim also plays a part: some broken bone injuries render people unable to continue their normal duties and can scupper their career plans. All of these factors are considered when working out compensation levels.

£750,000 on the cards for Hastings lift engineer with multiple fractures

In Hastings, a lift engineer suffered factures to his face, right leg and left shoulder when he fell seven metres from an overloaded platform which collapsed beneath him.

The 36-year old also lost six teeth in the accident which happened in 2008. It resulted in him needing surgery to insert five plates and screws into his face which has left him needing complex plastic surgery, as well as dental work and possibly a total knee replacement within the next seven years.

The man’s self confidence and social life has been affected by his scarring and his High Court writ explains how he is now severely disadvantaged within the labour market. He is set to pursue his employers, Otis, for £750,000 citing them negligent and responsible for the accident.

The Health and Safety Executive reported that the accident was caused by a failed hoist which had been overloaded.

If you have been injured in an accident at work that was due to the negligence of your employer, Stephensons can help. We have specific expertise in pursuing employers for damages where their staff have suffered debilitating and often very serious broken bones and fractures.

To speak directly to a work accident compensation specialist at Stephensons, call 01616 966 229.

By personal injury solicitor and Stephensons’ Partner, Kate Sweeney