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The Great British Summer

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I love the British summertime, even when it’s wet, but have particularly loved the incredibly good weather we’ve had, for what seems like ages! It’s a bit cooler now, and historically August is usually a little cooler than July, but it is worth noting the hottest day in UK records was 38.5°c (101.3°F) set at Faversham, Kent on 10/08/2003! Wonder if we’ll be breaking any records this weekend.
The sky above us in Leigh today contains distant towering cumulus, and looks very interesting! Wonder if there is any thunder up there – August has more thunder than any other month!
Either way, I’m aiming to make the most of what’s left of the summer. The 24th August is St Bartholomew’s Day, and supposedly heralds a late resurgence of summer (as it comes 40 days after St Swithin’s Day). The nights are drawing in, and only too soon we will be thinking about pumpkins, and dare I say it, Christmas!
So everyone, enjoy what’s left of your summer, travel safely, and look out for a thunderous month!

By Kate Sweeney, Stephensons' Partner and head of personal injury