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British student injured in NYC

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I was shocked to read that a 23 year old student is lucky to be alive after a New York taxi collided with her, severing her left foot last week.

Sian Green, from Leicester had only arrived one day earlier and was thought to be enjoying some time with her friend when the road traffic collision occurred. Shortly after a local plumber used a belt as a tourniquet to stem the bleeding and preserve Sian’s life. Then Sian was taken to a local hospital for treatment and I understand that her family has since travelled to New York to be with her.

Witnesses said the cab hit a cyclist before moving up on to the kerb and colliding with Sian before coming to a stop. The driver has not been formally charged at this point but police are investigating.

Obviously Sian is still at an early stage of recovery and my sympathy is with her and her family but I would suggest that she consider pursuing a claim in personal injury against the cab driver and / or his employer’s under the doctrine of vicarious liability with the assistance of an attorney based in the United States.

By Barry Sutton, personal injury team