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Back to school safety tips

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Secondary admissions national offer day is approaching

Summer is coming to an end and children are returning back to school, with some starting school for the first time.

Many children either walk to school or travel by public transport. If this is the case for your children, then discussing the commute to school will help raise your child’s awareness of potential risks and keep them safe on the roads.

Walking to school

If your child walks to school, please make sure to remind them of the following safety tips:

  1. Always look left, right and then left again before crossing the road.
  2. Ensure they walk on the pavement and not the road. If there is no pavement, then make sure that they walk on the edge of the road facing the oncoming traffic.
  3. Always use traffic lights, zebra crossings, pelican crossings and school crossing patrols, if available.
  4. Not to be distracted by their phone, music or other devices and not to be on their phone whilst crossing the road.
  5. Never cross the road from behind parked vehicles.
  6. Never run out into the road.

Taking the bus

If your child takes the bus to school, then you should teach your child these simple tips:

  1. Always stand five steps away from the edge of the kerb whilst waiting for the bus to arrive.
  2. When the bus arrives, wait for the driver to confirm they can board the bus.
  3. Wait until the bus has stopped before approaching the exit.
  4. When getting off the bus, ensure your child looks left, right and left again.
  5. Make sure to never walk behind the bus or cross the road from behind the bus.

Child accident & injury compensation claims

In addition to the above, whilst most schools have excellent health and safety procedures in place, accidents sadly do happen in schools. The most common types of accidents that your child could be involved in at school are the following:

  • Playground equipment accidents
  • Slips, trips and falls on school premises
  • Classroom accidents
  • Accidents involving equipment for scientific experiments
  • Accidents on school trips
  • Trapping fingers/hands in heavy doors or hinges
  • Sports injuries

These are just a few examples of the kind of accidents that can occur while at school. If your child has suffered from an injury either on the journey to/from school or whilst at school which wasn’t their fault and could have been avoided, then contact our experienced personal injury advisors on 0161 696 6235 who will be able to discuss the details of your claim with you and advise you further.

By Millie Wilde, graduate paralegal - personal injury team