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Asbestos warning could cost ITV one million

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The Manchester Evening News has reported that ITV will soon be making the transition to their new offices in Media City at Salford Quays. As a result, ITV has now agreed to sell their Quay Street complex for the purpose of re-development to Manchester City Council and Allied London for approximately £26.5m.

It is noted that the Quay Street site, which is speculated to become a residential-led development, has been found to have asbestos in the building. As this substance can be poisonous to humans, removal will be a consideration for the developer. It is thought that the costs of this process could be in the region of at least £1m.

Bob Dyson, North West chairman at Jones Lang LaSalle and a key advisor to ITV, said: “The main office building was built in the 1960s, and it is typical to find asbestos in buildings of that age.”

More serious asbestos related injuries can leave the sufferer with considerable health problems and a diminished way of life which can be caused by inhaling quantities of asbestos fibres, which have gone on, typically many years later, to cause injury to the lungs.

In 2004, one Coronation Street production crew member was awarded £145,000 in an out-of-court settlement asbestos-related personal injury claim.

By Barry Sutton, personal injury team