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All I want for Christmas is a car in my garden!

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 When it comes to the festive period many people like putting their Christmas decorations up.

I am particularly one who gets in the festive spirit with lights and decorations all over the house! Everyone on the street enters into competitions with one another for the best decorations, around the windows, the doors and even on the trees in the garden.

You always see the houses on the television which go that step further with their decorations and basically turn their house and garden into Las Vegas!

However, experts claim that up to 73% of drivers become distracted by the houses with the brash light displays.

As a result they say 2 million drivers have had near misses, and that up to 440,000 have actually crashed their vehicles as a direct result of staring at the lights and decorations.

Experts state that "Outlandish Christmas light displays are becoming more and more prevalent in the UK, but as research shows, motorists need to be extremely careful when looking at them whilst driving.”

Expert’s advice is to pull over your car and then observe the festive light shows.

For the people putting up the decorations, I am by no means being a scrooge, however, if you do insist on having that giant inflatable and illuminated Santa in your garden, maybe consider leaving a space for a couple of cars which may end up in there too!

By Tara Lever