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Councils face large compensation payouts as children are injured at school

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A question mark hangs over whether children are safe at school as tens of thousands in injury compensation was paid to pupils in one area alone.
During the last financial year, Cornwall Council has paid out £47,500 to school pupils in personal injury claims. The largest single award was made to a student who fell from a workbench whilst listening to a lecture. The payout in this case was £30,000.
Meanwhile, after being hit by a stone thrown by another pupil, one child received £10,000 and another got £2,500 after suffering an injury caused by a splinter. Another was negligently hit by a ball kicked by a teaching assistant and was awarded £2,000.
Up in Middlesbrough, the council there has had to meet £34,000 in injury compensation claims over a three year period, according to a local newspaper. One child trapped their finger in the school gate, for which an award of £3,750 was made, and a cheerleader fell during practice and was awarded £4,250.
£11,000 for child scalded in classroom
In a serious accident at a school in the same area, a six year old girl was severely scalded by a teacher’s hot drink which fell from a desk. She ended up needing four years of plastic surgery to help minimise the scar and suffered a great deal of pain and psychological effects, her mother said. A compensation payout of £11,157 was made to the family.
From lack of supervision or inadequate training to poorly maintained fittings or equipment, schools can be hazardous places for children.
Making a child injury compensation claim
Solicitors who specialise in child accident claims do so because they have a true interest in making sure injured children have the best chance of making a full recovery and have access to the best levels of care and treatment. They are also intent on making sure those responsible are brought to justice so there is little chance of a similar accident happening again to another innocent party.
The way an accident affects a child needs to be fully understood by those handling the claim so that they can ensure every aspect is covered when it comes to determining the amount of compensation to be pursued. At Stephensons, our personal injury lawyers have specific experience in child injury claims, and many are parents themselves.
To speak directly to a child injury compensation specialist at Stephensons, call 01616 966 229.
By personal injury solicitor and Stephensons’ Partner, Kate Sweeney