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I had an accident at work but it happened elsewhere - can I still claim?

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I had an accident at work but it happened elsewhere - can I still claim?

It is often the case for many employees that they do not have one permanent place of work. It may be the case that your job involves you going to different places daily or regularly attending people’s homes, gardens, construction and building sites, different offices etc. However as your employer they are still responsible.

Which employees might this apply to?

The list can be exhaustive however the most common employees are likely to:

  • Hairdressers
  • Carers
  • Delivery drivers
  • Sales representatives
  • Maintenance workers

As my employer, why are they responsible?

It is because they owe you a duty of care to provide you with a safe place of work even if they do not own or are in control of the place where your accident occurred.

It is possible that by attending another property you may get injured for example by a pet, a person at the property or by something within the property such as a tripping hazard and/or even an unsafe item.

As such your employer should carry out checks before you attend another property in order to identify any danger and/or risk that may be there as well as ensuring that there is a safe working environment.

Why you might think you can’t claim against your employer

There may be many reasons why you may think you will struggle to make a claim, some of the common reasons may be as follows:

  • It wasn’t witnessed by anyone from work
  • They are not responsible for the place where your accident occurred
  • May not want to claim against a customer for business reasons
  • May not want to claim against the occupier as it wasn’t their fault

However, you should not let any of the above reasons stop you from making an enquiry with us to see whether you have a claim. Contact us on 0161 696 6235 so we can discuss it further.

Please be rest assured that we will not pursue a claim against anyone that you do not want us to, whether this is your employer or the occupier of a property in question.