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What do I have to do to get you to notice me?

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A new campaign launched by Lancashire Police has recently caught my eye.  It consists of motorcycle policeman PC Dave Hurst sitting naked on a motorcycle and will appear on hoardings and billboards across Lancashire over the coming months.  The object of the campaign is to highlight that if a driver saw a motorcyclist riding naked they would surely notice them, however the motorcyclists on our roads should be noticed regardless.

In another photo PC Mark Royle-Evatt is sitting on a motorcycle dressed as a clown, again the message is clear - if you saw a clown riding a motorcycle you would not fail to notice them. 

Lancashire Police have said the number of motorcyclists killed on the county's roads in 2012-2013 has increased on previous years and that many of these fatalities could have been avoided with foresight.

Last year, there were 37 road deaths in Lancashire, eight of which were motorcyclists. And so far this year, there have been 32 fatalities, including seven motorcyclists. In the past five years, motorcyclists have accounted for 22 per cent of those killed and seriously injured.

Officers said many of the collisions happened because drivers don’t take time to look out for bikers.

In the summer months the amount of motorcyclists increase on our roads and the message from Lancashire Constabulary is concise - all motorists need to be more aware of bikers.

Whether they are naked, dressed as a clown or simply there, the message is clear - be aware.

By Sam Ord