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Man sues for £150,000 personal injury claim, after being unable to send text messages

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A 59 year old IT specialist is currently suing his employers for £150,000 after an accident at work left him with injuries preventing him from texting and using other gadgets.

The alleged accident took place at the IT specialist’s place of work in April 2011, when he was climbing 'steep' stairs to the server room. He tripped on the staircase causing him to twist to the right, hit a wall, and fall backwards down the staircase hitting his head and sustaining personal injuries.

It’s said that the staircase was narrow, old and worn and the left hand rail was unusable and dangerous because of a live electric cable running the length of it, which prevented the man grabbing hold of the rail to prevent his fall. The unsafe staircase breached Health and Safety at Work regulations.

Overall the injuries suffered were to the man’s right shoulder, knee, hands and spine. Since the accident he has also developed carpel tunnel syndrome and been left with a misshapen right index finger which has caused him to be unable to use a computer mouse and keyboard. His son has to send text messages on his behalf, he is also unable to lift his right arm above his waist and cannot carry anything or write with his right hand.

The IT specialists trouble with technology has left him being dismissed by his employer within a month of the accident, and has been unable to find work in IT ever since because once he discloses his injuries he’s automatically rejected.

In my opinion it just goes to show how important it is for employers to comply with Health and Safety Regulations.

By Lianne McNally