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Actor guilty of careless driving

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Stephen Berkoff, who is best known for his villainous roles in Octopussy and Rambo: First Blood Part II, has been recently convicted of careless driving after knocking over a woman in London on New Year’s Eve.

City of London Magistrates heard how Berkoff was driving down London’s Oxford Street when he hit Fiona Scully, forcing her to the ground. The accident occurred as Berkoff overtook another vehicle, which had stopped to allow Ms Scully to cross the road. Ms Scully suffered internal and external bruising and was required to use a walking aid for 7 days.

The actor, who denied the charge and represented himself during the hearing, was fined £350 for driving without due care and attention and fined a further £50 for driving without a valid UK licence. He was also ordered to pay £250 costs and a £35 victim surcharge whilst also incurring 3 points on his UK licence, which was confiscated from him in February for driving through a red light.

The chairman of the bench, Dr Andrew Pairmly, stated that the court felt Berkoff's ‘driving fell below the standard of a reasonable and competent driver’. He also stated that as pedestrians regularly cross Oxford Street, failing to use the marked crossings, it is even more crucial for ‘drivers to take exceptional care.’

By Gabrielle Bann-Khellaf, personal injury, graduate paralegal