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World Cup crackdown on drink driving

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The Association of Chief Police Officers is seeking to kick drink driving out of England and Wales during this summer’s World Cup.

A month-long drink and drug enforcement campaign is being launched by the association which will result in an increase of breathalyser tests across the country. The campaign seeks to raise awareness of the dangers of drink and drug driving.

Drink driving remains one of the largest killers on our roads. Both alcohol and drugs affect a person’s ability to judge speed and distances accurately. They can slow down a person’s reaction time resulting in devastating accidents. Many people continue to think it is acceptable to drive under the influence and do not understand the consequences their actions may cause.

Local areas such as Wigan will be affected by the crackdown. Greater Manchester Police, Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service and North West Ambulance Service have joined forces with the Police & Crime Commissioner, to target suspected drink drivers.

It was reported on the Wigan Today website that during last year’s summer drink drive campaign, police carried out almost 5,000 breath tests and arrested 252 people.

GMP is urging people to arrange transport prior to kick off, if they know they will be tempted to have a drink. If a driver is caught with more than 35 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood, they may face a driving ban and a jail sentence.

Be sure not to mix drink with driving. Even the smallest amounts of alcohol can affect your reactions and judgements at the wheel. Have a think and substitute your drink during this summer’s World Cup.

By Amy Grimshaw, Graduate paralegal in the regulatory department