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Motorway speed limits to drop

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The M3 motorway has become the latest victim of the European Union and has been earmarked to have its speed limit reduced to 60 mph. 

The speed limit laws of the UK that apply to motorists have been set in stone for a very long time and yet the powers that oversee us from Europe have now reduced them further. It has also been announced that new speed cameras will also be present to ensure that the law is adhered to. The change in the speed limit is designed to allow the UK to meet minimum air quality levels imposed by Brussels. The speed reduction has already been tried out in respect of a 32 miles stretch of the M1 from last month. 

The clear danger to the motorist would be that these very select and narrow applications of the change run the risk of being a total surprise to drivers and thus making them easy targets for speed tickets imposed from the activation of speed cameras. The speed cameras will be grey and so not apparent at first glance to the motorist and could easily be mistaken for traffic flow management cameras for example. It is also envisaged that the limit will be applied from 7am to 7pm again allowing for uncertainty by the motorist when travelling on such a road. 

If you find yourself caught out by these new speed cameras and given a fixed penalty notice or that any more points will mean potential disqualification then call our specialist motoring solicitors who will be able to help immediately.

By Martyn Walsh, associate solicitor in the motoring offences team