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Drunk man drives into oncoming traffic

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The latest case that shows the stark reality of driving with excess alcohol and dangerous driving comes from Bristol and involved a male who was over the drink drive limit and then drove into oncoming traffic forcing other road users to get out of his way for around three miles.

John Rixon was nearly double the current UK drink drive limit and posed a real danger to both other car drivers and pedestrians alike when his driving reached dangerous standards.

The actions of Mr Rixon were brought to the attention of the Police by the local CCTV operators whose eagle eyes made sure that he was captured on camera for all to see. Mr Rixon found himself in a dead end due to road bollards and he was only stopped when he was involved in a road traffic collision with a taxi driver. The incident lasted around 15 minutes and he was arrested after being physically restrained by a Police Officer.

When Mr Rixon was taken to the Police Station he was found to have 62 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit for driving in the UK is 35 and the breathlyser machine would be used to provide evidence to the Court of any arrested persons impairment.

Mr Rixon pleaded guilty to the offences of dangerous driving and driving with excess alcohol and was disqualified from driving for three years and given a suspended prison term after the Crown Court at Bristol heard about his employment, good character and relevant mitigation.

Although the actions of Mr Rixon were shocking the case also goes to show how an expert motoring defence solicitor can ensure that an immediate custodial sentence can be avoided where appropriate.

By Martyn Walsh, associate solicitor in the motoring offences team