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How do I choose the right contentious probate solicitor for me?

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Since 2018, the number of law firms offering services in contentious probate has doubled and it is predicted that it will grow further still. With so many firms now providing this service, how do you decide which is the right law firm for you?

As the legal sector has grown, modernised and dragged itself into the 21st century – it’s been a slow progression! – the way in which law firms operate has changed. In the past, solicitors would often have worked across many sectors, dealing with house sales one day and employment tribunals the next. However, as the commercial market has changed over time, the consumer has become more specific with their needs and it has therefore become necessary for the sector to adapt accordingly.

Over time, solicitors have come to specialise in specific areas, practicing solely in this area and rarely conducting any other work. This is simple in areas such as conveyancing, employment, commercial property etc. But it can be more complex with areas such as civil litigation – the sector under which contentious probate falls.

Civil litigation is essentially all litigation outside of the criminal courts. Unlike criminal litigation, civil litigation covers a broad spectrum of work taking place in a number of different courts. Each court is different and operates in a different way. This means that civil litigation cannot necessarily be placed under one umbrella and it must be separated further still.

In the context of contentious probate, these claims are dealt with in the business and property courts, whereas the majority of other civil matters will be dealt with by the civil courts. The business and property courts operate in an entirely different manner than any other court and so experience in the civil courts is not necessarily transferrable to this court or to this type of claim. Unfortunately, there are some civil litigation solicitors, who practice more general civil litigation, who will attempt to run a contentious probate claim and fail to appreciate the difference between the courts and procedures.

It is for this reason that it is extremely important to ensure you are instructing a specialist solicitor who deals only in contentious probate. This will ensure that they are familiar with the claim system, how the court operates, and that they are well equipped to best advise you on your dispute.

Contentious probate matters are often difficult and emotive disputes, and we appreciate the need to make the process as easy as possible for you. It is for this reason that our solicitors specialise in contentious probate, ensuring that you are in capable hands.

If you have a contentious probate matter that you would like to discuss with our team, please get in touch with us on 0161 696 6178.