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World Cup football - family fun or something else?

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Research has shown that during the last World Cup there was a reported significant increase in incidents of domestic violence during the competition. This is put down to the increase in drinking coupled with the heightened emotions, particularly frustration, surrounding results. The concern for families as we approach the World Cup campaign has led to a number of Authorities putting additional support and awareness in their communities.
The World Cup event is meant to be an enjoyable experience for all the family but in some households, what starts out as a game of football can end in domestic abuse and in some circumstances serious harm being inflicted as a result.
It is important that families are safe and if there is any situation which leads to a belief that there is a risk of immediate harm, the advice will always be to contact the Police. Whilst it is important to acknowledge that this can often be a difficult call to make, the professionals who work in the field of domestic abuse will always advise the need to be safe. 
For those families who are concerned about what may happen over the coming weeks, the practical advice is to have a plan if there is a suspicion that tensions may rise within the household. Think about where you might go for safety and what you might need. There are many agencies in our communities which can offer practical help and advice and a good point of call would be a Family solicitor who specialises in helping in situations such as this. Contacting a solicitor and asking for initial advice does not mean that you have to take things any further but it will give you the opportunity to ask questions and to have some all round information on your family situation generally. A good Family solicitor will also be able to give you contact details of support within your community. They can always take action urgently in situations where immediate protection is needed. Stephensons Solicitors LLP have the experience to provide families with whatever help is required.
Of course, we all hope the World Cup will be an enjoyable experience and we like to dream that we might even win. For some families this might be a campaign never to be forgotten for all the wrong reasons. Don’t allow that to be you.
By family solicitor, Mandy Rimmer