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Shared parenting after separation

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The government announced today that it will introduce a legally binding presumption of shared parental for fathers and mothers after separation.

Australia introduced a similar law giving shared parental rights several years ago resulting in an avalanche of cases with parents battling it out to have equal time with their children.

This initiative represents a desperate attempt by the government to bolster the position of the non- resident parent. We are all familiar with those terrible cases where one parent prevents contact with the other in defiance of judges’ orders and even pleas for co-operation.

The question is –‘Will this new law make a difference?’

One expert – Sir David Norgrove who chaired the government’s own Review of Family Justice warned against the Australian approach. The government decided to ignore the advice of its own expert.

Our advice is that you should do everything you can to settle family disputes informally and without going to court. Court is the last resort. However good legal advice does not always mean going to court or even an exchange of solicitors’ letters.

Our family law experts are trained to steer you through the minefield of the family justice system. Our starting point is always, ‘What is your ideal outcome?’

Our aim is to get you there with the minimum of fuss and expense. We will use our skills, experience and creativity to shape the best solution for you and your family. For free initial guidance call us on 01616 966 229.

By family law solicitor and Stephensons’ Partner, Mike Devlin