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Record number of children removed into care

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A record number of applications to remove children into care was announced today.

Is this the result of a dramatic decline in the standard of parenting across the country? Is it a reflection of over-caution by social workers? Is it a symptom of deeper problems at the heart of our society?

Commentators say that increasingly cases are brought to court based on allegations of neglect and emotional abuse.

In these cases social work experts have been advocating “early intervention” in problem families for some years now.

They say that early intervention allows them to assess families and identify those who can change and those who can’t.

For those who can change support can be put in to try to ensure the children remain within the family. For those who are assessed as incapable of change removal of the children becomes the likely option.  This inevitably means an application to court.

What are the options for a parent if the state decides to intervene to remove your child? Free legal advice and representation is available.

It is essential that you have an early intervention in your case from your legal team.

Stephensons has one of the largest legal teams dedicated to child care proceedings in the entire country. 

We can provide an expert early intervention assessment of your case and guide you through the most stressful and worrying experience you are ever likely to have.

The most important advice is – do not bury your head in the sand. Speak to the social workers. Try to be co-operative but remember legal advice is available and it can make the difference between keeping and losing your child. Act now.

By family law solicitor and Stephensons’ Partner, Mike Devlin