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ONS figures show 9.6% increase in divorces in 2021

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Divorce rates between heterosexual couples hit 45-year low

The pandemic exposed the fault lines in many relationships. Financial pressures, job worries and the disturbance of traditional support structures, resulted in many couples very quickly reaching breaking point. In 2021, as the shadow of covid slowly lifted, and couples began to reassess their lives and priorities, we saw a significant increase in couples coming forward looking to end their marriage. That is something evidenced in these latest ONS figures.

We know that periods of disruption and economic hardship can often place huge strain on a relationship. During the past two recessions, in the 80s and early 2010s, divorce rates increased sharply, and it seems likely that the current economic climate and cost of living crisis could also result in similar spikes.

Importantly, these statistics do not capture the impact of the introduction of ‘no fault’ divorce from earlier this year. We know that a significant number of couples wanted to wait until that change was brought into law before deciding to bring their marriage to a conclusion. It could well be that the rate of divorce reaches some of its highest ever levels once that data is added into the mix.

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Office for National Statistics - Divorces in England and Wales: 2021