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Domestic abuse leads to mothers death

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Maria Stubbings of Chelmsford in Essex was strangled with a dog lead in 2008 by Marc Chivers who had already killed a previous girlfriend.

This happened despite the fact that Chivers had already been convicted of assaulting Ms Stubbings and had served a prison sentence. The police had installed and then removed a panic alarm. The Independent Police Complaints Commission has criticised Essex Police for not protecting Ms Stubbings.

This case yet again highlights the vulnerability of women in abusive relationships.

Essex Police have admitted that “much of what took place was foreseeable”.

Protection of women and children is meant to be at the top of the political agenda. However, budget cuts are making it more and more difficult for police, local authorities and the voluntary sector to provide the level of service which is required to ensure protection.

Despite the government’s savage cuts legal aid remains available in domestic violence cases; and the courts are now more aware of the different types of domestic abuse including psychological, financial, verbal as well as physical and sexual violence.

It is important to seek advice and representation from specialist lawyers who are able to act immediately, understand the law and procedure and can obtain the emergency relief you need without delay.

By family partner, Mike Devlin