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Working Time Regulations

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I was saddened to hear about the young banking intern who was recently found dead after completing a 72 hour shift which had been interrupted only for the young man to return temporarily to his apartment to shower. His father has raised concerns about the current Working Time Regulations and has requested a full review by the Government.

This young man's father has compared the UK regulations to those that our German counterparts abide by. It has been noted that the regulations relating to working time in Germany are much more stringent and as a result the German workforce is more productive per hour than all other countries within the EU, including the UK.

It remains to be seen whether the UK government is prepared to reconsider the Working Time Regulations and enforce more stringent employment legislation to protect the work force.

By Laura Wilson, Employment team

If you require advice on the UK's current Working Time Regulations from an employee or employer perspective, we have a specialist employment team who can advise you further.