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Study finds those of ethnic minorities suffering inequality in applications for employment

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Job advertisements and compliance with the Equality Act

It has recently been reported that, following a research task of over 20,000 individuals undertaken by a charity, the findings reveal how ethnic minority job applicants report to have received “less positive responses to job applications” as opposed to white British applicants.

The study reportedly revealed how white British applicants had to make on average of four applications for employment in order to get a positive response, as opposed to ethnic minority applicants who had to make seven applications.

It is understood from the charity’s survey from participants from England and Scotland, that 40% of people believe “some races or ethnic groups are naturally harder working than others” and further reports suggest that one in five believe “some races are more intelligent than others”.

The authors of the study claimed that the experiment “is an almost watertight piece of evidence about the existence of racism in hiring”, and further reported “the experiment ‘catches racism red-handed”.

The law

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