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Stress levels rising among workers

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New research has uncovered rising stress levels among the UK workforce. This is somewhat unsurprising since we are going through the worst recession in living memory.

Job security worries, money concerns and management issues came top of the stress triggers, in a report published by Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible working spaces. 

Many businesses are asking their staff to pull together in these straightened times and often to do more in their jobs than previously before. This extra pressure to perform more duties coupled with concerns about money and job security could lead to stress. Stress can manifest itself in many way – sleepless nights, tiredness, irritability.

Steve Purdy, the UK managing director at Regus, has said: “Without a doubt, stressed-out workers are unhappy and unhealthy workers too, so businesses that want to help their staff lead more rewarding lives cannot fail to analyse and tackle levels of stress within their organisation. The heavy toll of stress falls not only on workers, but also on businesses as they that find their staff are unable to perform as required, need more sick leave and are less efficient. 

“In the UK the CIPD identified stress as the main cause of absence from work and reports that nearly two fifths of employers feel stress as a cause of absence is increasing.”

But there are ways for businesses to redress the work life balance and help their employees to reduce stress. Flexible working can be greatly beneficial because it helps to alleviate stress in the workplace which can be a big issue for some workers and their employers.

By employment solicitor and associate, Philip Richardson