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Riots close tribunal

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With the worrying spread of the disorder and rioting across the capital and beyond, the impact on the judicial system has been immediate, not least with the closure of London (South) Employment Tribunal. The damage caused by rioters on London Road, Croydon and the continuing lawlessness in the area the decision has been taken to close the Tribunal out of concerns for the safety of staff and parties attending the facility. The inability of the state to maintain its fundamental functions including the operation of the judicial system is extremely worrying.
This move will come as a disappointment to the numerous parties with legal proceedings in the London (South) Employment Tribunal. However with aerial footage of the area showing a large building, believed to be furniture store, on a street corner in Croydon completely ablaze and one local pub landlord, Alan McCabe, describing the area as "an absolute war zone" it is perhaps an understandable decision based on the situation on the ground. With no signs of the violence abating and with riot police still visible on the streets of Croydon it is not situation which is expected to be resolved in the short-term.
Hopefully any disruptions to proceedings within the London (South) Employment Tribunal will be limited. However we can no doubt expect a further stretch to the Tribunal's time and resources with delays in some cases being inevitable.