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Following celebrations or commiserations don't score an own goal on Monday morning

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The 2018 morning after world cup campaign

With the nation’s attention and imagination now firmly fixed on Sunday night’s Euros final, it’s highly likely that Monday will be more of a challenge than it usually is for the country’s workforce. Win or lose, England fans are likely to have a few sore heads, leading to many people opting not to go into work when the alarm goes off on Monday morning.

No matter how tempting your bed might seem after a night of celebrating or commiserating, evidence to suggest an illness has been feigned is likely to result in disciplinary action being taken and could result in dismissal.

Employee’s may wish to consider submitting annual leave requests, however it is important to bear in mind that the employer will usually require a minimum notice period before authorising leave and such authorisation is usually at the manager’s discretion.

Many employers will be accommodating and realistic about Sunday’s final, but failing to turn up to work because you had a few too many the night before is never going to go down well and could end up being a spectacular own goal.