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Compensation: money, money, money

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From 1st February 2011, the employment tribunals will be able to award claimants even more compensation if they are successful with a claim for unfair dismissal. The new maximum for a week's pay increases from £380 to £400 and the compensatory award (for example loss of earnings) increases to £68,400. In total an employment tribunal will be able to award £80,400 to successful claimants.
Whilst there may be a cap on how much compensation can be paid in unfair dismissal claims, there is no limit on the amount of compensation that is payable to claimants who are successful in bringing claims for discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, race, religion or belief, sex and/or sexual orientation.
With the potential to get awarded such substantial amounts of compensation by an employment tribunal, it is more important than ever that claimants get the right advice and assistance from a trained professional. Stephensons will be pleased to discuss your employment issues and will be happy to assist you in making sure that any potential award is maximised.