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Employers on notice as rail strike approaches

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Meltdown Monday: what can you do when your commute is cancelled?

Clearly employers around the country are on notice of this strike action and the impact that it is likely to have. If they haven’t already, they should now be communicating with staff about how to avoid potential disruption.

That could include discussions around working from home, a variation of working hours or making time up for example. Employers who have a large number of staff who use train services to commute into work should consult with staff to consider their options and solutions.

While the hope is that many employers will acknowledge the difficulties this strike will cause for employees, it is not uncommon to see examples of rogue employers who may bring disciplinary action against members of staff who turn up late or simply cannot make it into the office. Such action could quite easily be deemed unreasonable, particularly as it often beyond the control of their employees.

Ultimately this strike action may lead to a loss in productivity for some businesses, so taking proactive steps to consider alternative ways in which an employee can still undertake their working day is beneficial for everyone. Naturally this has to be considered on a case-by-case basis and dependant on sector, but if anything, what we have learned from the pandemic is the capability and flexibility many employers now have as a result of technology to be better placed to respond in times of disruption.