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The role of a property and affairs deputy

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Being a property and affairs deputy is an important responsibility, you must ensure that you are acting in the client’s best interest. When establishing whether you are acting in the client’s best interest, you need to ensure the decisions being made are for the benefit of the client, and not necessarily you or anyone else.

A property and affairs deputy will have a considerable number of day-to-day tasks, often completing the below tasks;

  • Dealing with the clients bills and payments ensures that a structure can be put in place by the deputy to meet the financial needs of the client
  • Employ and liaise with other professionals such as therapist and carers, to ensure the client is receiving the necessary care and treatment required
  • Employ and liaise with an independent financial advisor to manage the clients’ investments
  • Attend meetings regarding the clients care and needs with case managers, care workers, therapists, and any family members
  • Deal with the purchase of a property and any adaptations required for the client
  • Arrange services or maintenance for the property and its contents to ensure the property and equipment is safe for the client
  • Arrange benefit reviews to ensure the client is receiving all the benefits they are entitled to.

The court orders that the deputy is required to submit regular reports to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG). Within this report, the deputy will have to explain all the decisions they have made on behalf of the client. The deputy also has the role of keeping copies of documents regarding decisions made. This is necessary for the OPG to ensure the deputy is acting in the best interest of the client.

Here at Stephensons, we have an expert Court of Protection team who specialise in property and affairs deputyships. Our team is passionate about our clients, whilst providing the highest standard of care. If you or a family member would like more information on applying for a professional deputyship, we are happy to help.

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